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Our long standing partnership with KFC boasts a portfolio of several iconic projects including the brand’s first-ever urban prototype located in The Bronx in New York City. The goal was to reflect the borough’s bold, fast-paced eclecticism with a little more spunk than the traditional KFC restaurant.  

Upon arrival, guests are greeted by a larger than life Colonel Sanders wood focal wall and lively signage featuring the brand’s iconic “it’s finger-lickin’ good” expression. A brick accent wall brings in a piece of the Bronx’s grit and serves as a backdrop for the brand’s traditional bold red stripes. Seating arrangements and ordering options complement the on-the-go mentality of New Yorkers, offering bar seating for solo diners and a designated pick-up area for mobile and to-go orders. 

Blending warm wood accents and exposed brick and balancing crisp kitchen tile with metal trim and exposed welds contribute to the overall aesthetic. By playing up the feisty side of the Colonel’s signature take on hospitality and blending localization with tradition, the brand’s first-ever urban prototype will serve as a model for future urban KFC restaurants.