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Famous fast-food chain, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) enlisted our design team to reimagine a modern and fresh take for the Sanders Café– a restaurant and museum in North Corbin, Kentucky, where the famous KFC secret recipe was born.

To elevate the Sanders Café museum display and exhibit experience, the design team integrated an engaging, low-tech display with interactive overlays that enhance the KFC storyline. Throughout the space, photo-ops have been embedded to provide guests with a  touchless experience, while also capturing moments of excitement as they navigate through the famous establishment. Clean expressions are consistent within and keep the attention on the artifacts and immersive technologies, while also providing a contrast to the historic dining room.

Drawing inspiration from the Colonel’s adjacent home, the design team provided an additional thematic dining experience as a balanced counterpoint to the original historic Sanders Café. Mid-century design elements, retro-inspired furniture selections and expressions now dimensionalize a more playful side of Colonel Sanders’ personality and cast a spotlight on a residential aesthetic.

The Sanders Café honors the past while embracing storytelling touchpoints, creating meaningful connections, and fostering shareable moments for all guests. Tasked with providing a curated guest experience spread across the Colonel’s original campus, our team delivered a unique “Return to Roadside” design approach. The one-of-a-kind concept allowed the team to build upon the existing design with a “sympathetic addition” to emphasize the Colonel’s legacy of hospitality, showmanship, and quality.