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Our long standing partnership with restaurant giant KFC boasts a diverse portfolio of projects including the world’s first drive-thru-only restaurant in Newcastle, Australia. With a growing number of consumers ordering through online channels, the goal of the new concept was to develop a more efficient operating model that celebrated this change in consumer behavior.   

The drive-thru has multiple lanes that allow customers to order and pay for a meal through the brand’s smartphone app or website, including designated lanes for more traditional, on-the-spot orders. Guests are greeted by a larger-than-life Colonel Sanders layered atop the building’s wood cladded walls, complete with the brand’s signature vertical red stripe accents. Bold signage and an eye-catching drive-thru portal make a memorable impact and provide clear wayfinding for drivers.  

With traditional restaurants, the building is the experience, but with this new concept it became a fixture – one element supporting the overall experience. Every touchpoint from the landscaping, signage, and architecture of the drive-thru portal comes together to create an elevated experience for guests. This unique restaurant leverages contrast and vibrancy through architecture, color, and communication to showcase the brand’s dedication to service and convenience for its customers.