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CGL’s AOR Justice team, (now NELSON Worldwide), has completed the architectural services for the design and construction phases of the Kauai Community Corrections Center (KCCC) sallyport and site improvements project. The project involved creating a new, secure vehicle sallyport and implementing site improvements for parking and drainage. CGL’s comprehensive services included being the Architect of Record, Project Management, Full Architectural Services, Construction Administration, Planning and Programming, and Security Design.

The existing KCCC sallyport lacked security, allowing individuals to easily walk away, raising concerns for The Department of Public Safety. The new 1,000 SF vehicle sallyport addresses this by providing a secure interlocked area with advanced security features, ensuring safety and facility security. Additionally, the project tackled site issues such as poor drainage and inadequate parking. The 1/3 acre site improvement area raised the site to prevent flooding, with new sloped paving for efficient water drainage. This project enhances safety, security, and overall functionality at the Kauai Community Corrections Center.