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Kahua, an innovative construction management software firm, selected our design team to create a new state-of-the-art headquarters that is open and flexible with multiple collaboration areas and plenty of room for company growth in Alpharetta, Georgia. In addition to flexibility, Kahua wanted an office that would seamlessly blend visitor-facing areas with employee-focused spaces.

Through a forward-thinking design approach, the NELSON team created different neighborhoods of office space which focused on a welcoming entry equipped with a full break area and collaborative seating. The design team also added various sizes and types of meeting spaces for employees to engage with software user groups or colleagues alike in a public or private setting.

The company’s Hawaiian name, Kahua, means foundation or platform. Through the integration of finishes, furniture and fixtures, the design team was able to reinforce this idea further. Open collaboration areas with tiered seating and organic carpet tiles tie together the natural and industrial feel. Custom surfboards were also created which integrate the Kahua branding and were hung from the ceiling to accentuate an eclectic and playful aesthetic.

Throughout the office, the existing exposed ceiling was painted with a dark gray accent to complement the building’s industrial feel. The exposed ceilings allowed the design team to integrate unique and creative lighting elements. Branding was also considered and incorporated into the design—hues of red, orange, and yellow are found on the furniture, abstract carpeting, and artwork to draw a connection to the signature Kahua aesthetic.