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For iVision’s first-generation, 9,320-square-foot offices nestled within The Battery, the South’s preeminent lifestyle destination anchored by Truist Park, home of the Atlanta Braves, the full-service technology integration and management firm appointed NELSON Worldwide as architect of record, responsible for making their space as spectacular as the neighborhood that surrounds it. What resulted from NELSON’s work is a functional, aesthetically pleasing, and acoustically optimized environment for iVision’s employees.

In designing iVision’s new space, NELSON prioritized flexibility and choice, giving the team a variety of workstations and impromptu meeting areas. To accommodate both smaller group meetings and larger, all-hands meetings, a boardroom was designed to be iVision’s central gathering space, able to function as an enclosed conference room with the option to open to the rest of the office with central sliding doors.  The adjacent open-floor plan space includes a variety of workstations, pool table, and kitchenette, which foster employee connection and provide seating choice. The layout provides seamless transitions and cultivates communication and collaboration. While the office design was employee-first, the NELSON team created an inviting reception area that would also make a striking impression on occasional visitors and guests. A lounge immediately following the entry serves as a waiting area and touchdown space.

NELSON’s overarching design theme is an open and visually stimulating workspace, which the team achieved through bold, sophisticated choices of dark, moody tones and the incorporation of diagonal lines in finishes, lighting, and feature walls, all influenced by iVision’s logo and intended to create a cohesive visual identity. The neutrality of the color palette allows for the seamless addition of more vibrant colors that, if iVision chooses to rebrand in the future, can be easily introduced through furniture and fabrics. Biophilic design was also implemented throughout the space, with the use of natural elements like plants and metal lattice work to define different areas within the office, fostering a connection with nature.

The primary challenge the iVision team experienced in their previous building was acoustics, which provided minimal soundproofing and caused regular disruptions to iVision’s workflow. To ensure this would not be an issue in their new office, NELSON’s design focused on optimizing acoustics to create a conducive work environment where employees can concentrate and be productive without excess noise. The team worked together with an acoustician to ensure they created an environment for the iVision team that would meet all of their needs without sacrificing aesthetics.

NELSON’s close collaboration with and understanding of the iVision team ensured the successful execution of the project. By providing design solutions for iVision’s past pain points and specific workflows, the team transformed the iVision offices into a beautiful, dynamic, and versatile workspace that align perfectly with iVision’s brand and purpose.