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Looking to create a commercial furniture dealership that combined three diverse spaces into one cohesive design while still showcasing innovative solutions to the commercial design community, iSpace Environments turned to our design team for expertise in developing multifunctional spaces. Combining front-of-house hospitality, workplace, and an adaptable and flexible showroom, NELSON engineered the environment to allow for seamless flow for guests and visitors of the showroom.

The front-of-house serves as a bright and open welcome center that includes the showroom reception, a dynamic lounge and education area with an adjacent hospitality-inspired pantry, and a cozy semi-hidden fireside chat area. Each of these programmed spaces offer opportunities for engagement and interaction.

The showroom or “stage” is a flexible, customizable zone that changes over time, ensuring the space remains dynamic and engaging for all visitors. Expertly displaying workplace and ancillary products from Teknion as well as other open-line furniture and accessory vendors, the showroom includes a mix of open, semi-private and privatized areas to highlight a curated range of products based on workplace trends. Critical to the success of the design, NELSON strategically restricted barriers to the building’s unique existing square windows to allow for much-needed daylight to flow into all areas of the showroom.

The third distinctive space, the iSpace Environments workplace, offers teammates a diverse and interactive space where various settings and furniture arrangements allow for heads-down, collaborative and team-based work to occur. The glazed private office spaces are directly adjacent to the various workplace settings, allowing for visual connectivity throughout.