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Our team transformed an empty box into a vibrant co-working space uniquely located within a mall for Industrious ScottsdaleThe co-working brand hoped to incorporate elements of their modern, industrial, and hospitable brand into this traditional mall setting, while keeping member experience a top priority 

Upon entering, the mall entry feature wall is inspired by the local desert landscape, while a grand staircase and a large, central café are positioned near the main entrance. Alternating panels provide a level of privacy while also remaining somewhat transparent so passersby can peak inside, and workers can get a glimpse of the hustle and bustle of the mall foot traffic.  

The finishes and layout ring true to what one expects when walking into an Industrious space, with local flair mixed in. The warm wood and heavy metal elements make it feel more like a home away from home, which is what work is for most people.  

Industrious Scottsdale is an innovative approach to co-working, allowing companies to maintain a wider spread geographically, without any major lease commitments. The flexibility and proximity to retail and restaurants acts as a unique draw for employee recruitment.