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Heritage Crystal Clean (HCC), a national leader in the environmental services market, desired a modern and lively space that reflected company culture and was suitable for employees, investors, board members, vendors, and customers alike. Having been in the same building for 20 years, the team was eager to move to a new location that could accommodate its current employees as well as attract and retain new talent.

The new concept reflects HCC’s mission of preserving the environment, and creatively uses the space to take employees and guests on a journey. The design team was inspired by HCC’s previous office where teammates could take meetings outside to enjoy the fresh air and clear their heads. The team made a conscious effort to keep that connection to nature in the new space. This design choice emulates the feeling of hiking through a forest, with light shining through the ceiling’s arched canopy just like sunshine through the trees.

Our design team showcased the beauty of the outdoors by creating opportunities to look out at the campus wildlife and greenery. Varied spaces for collaborative work are spread throughout the office so that employees can choose how and where they work best. All of these spaces are designed with different colors, varied lighting including dimmable LED lights, decorative fixtures, and contrasted arrangements.

The team selected a color palette and materials to reflect HCC’s sustainability story, keeping in mind product longevity, recycled materials, ability to recycle, social initiatives, and the reduction of water and waste in the processing of materials.