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Harley-Davidson engaged long-term design partner NELSON Worldwide to develop a larger, experience-driven retail environment for their next generation of flagship retail. Serving as an extension of the existing museum, the Harley-Davidson Museum Shop invites visitors to creatively engage with the brand and bring a piece of the museum home.

Evoking the meandering yet purposeful feel of a museum, each area within the shop flows into the other while uncovering unique elements at each touchpoint, enticing shoppers to embrace the Harley-Davidson lifestyle of adventure and pursuit of freedom.

The Harley-Davidson Museum Shop is filled with engaging moments throughout. [H-D] Custom Shop – a customization area where guests can add logos, patches, and other design details to clothing – invites visitors to craft a personal interpretation of the brand. Adjacent to [H-D] Custom Shop is a lenticular-inspired t-shirt wall that celebrates the ever-popular and nostalgic Harley-Davidson graphic designs and t-shirt art while offering convenient merchandising.

The shop is strategically designed for shoppers to linger and enjoy the offerings of the brand. A shop-able Harley-Davidson artwork wall provides a backdrop to the lounge and offers a sense of privacy while elevating the shopping experience. This gallery wall, showcasing abundant new and classic Harley art and imagery, is reminiscent of the museum experience.