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We partnered with international nonprofit organization Habitat for Humanity to design their new Atlanta-based headquarters. The goal was to create a space that focused on culture – translating the brand’s global story through key design elements, while offering employees a more open and collaborative work environment. Our team led programming, design, and furniture selections, in addition to creating a comprehensive environmental graphics package.  

The new headquarters translates Habitat for Humanity’s brand, culture, mission, stewardship, and values through strategic messaging within the space such as homeowner narratives, and callouts highlighting materiality and construction methods from around the world. The graphics not only tell an inspirational story, but also serve as wayfinding tools to help guests and employees navigate the three floors of the office space.  

Signature design elements include a refurbished interconnecting stair that leads to the café and serves as a central gathering area, and new workspaces and communal areas bringing employees together for collaboration and socialization.  Habitat for Humanity’s new administrative headquarters is a vibrant and holistic reflection of the brand and the non-profit’s impact on the world.