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Our work for Google Cambridge grew from a single 20,000 square-foot floor plate to a 300,000 square-foot master plan that encompassed a campus of three buildings in Cambridge, MA. The goal was to create spaces that reflected the Boston/Cambridge location, with a spirited focus on innovation and creativity for which Google is known. 

We engaged Google’s staff throughout the entire process, whether it was contributing photography for murals or naming conference rooms. Visioning sessions during the master planning stage produced concepts that resonate throughout the project. The entire campus is LEED Core and Shell certified, allowing not only the client, but other campus tenants to enjoy a sustainable environment. All projects were designed to achieve a minimum of LEED Gold standards and all specified products and materials satisfy Google’s stringent internal list of exclusive criteria. In addition, base building infrastructure improvements significantly reduced the campus’ use of energy, water, and overall carbon footprint.