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General Aniline & Film (GAF), North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, wanted to relocate their existing multi-building campus to one large, centralized location. After GAF selected a new location in Parsippany, NJ, we provided change management, branding, and interior design for a full transformation.

We delivered a creative solution with a multi-disciplinary approach. Key program areas in the 377,000 square-foot facility include a full-service cafeteria; an 8,000 square-foot fitness center; in-house medical, dry cleaning and credit union amenities; a conference center; an atrium for all-hands gatherings; and research labs.

Glass-front offices with low-height workstations allow for broad daylight exposure. Each wing utilizes a different vibrant color, with branding elements used as a wayfinding device throughout the building. The project achieved LEED certification, with sustainable features including use of recycled material for all construction materials, flooring, and ceilings; low-water-use bathroom fixtures; enhanced indoor air quality; and the implementation of designated recycling areas and green cleaning policies.