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When leading direct-to-consumer retailer Garnet Hill sought to expand its audience and overall reach outside the World Wide Web and catalog, the brand enlisted NELSON Worldwide to bring to life its very first physical store in Dedham, Massachusetts.

The high-quality apparel, bedding, and home goods retailer’s commitment to sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices and its core brand principles are embedded in the effortlessly classic and refined design of the space, welcoming guests to experience the Garnet Hill brand story and its offerings through a tactile, residential-like, and customer-inspired environment.

As Garnet Hill’s first entry into the realm of in-person shopping, flexibility was prioritized to ensure the ability to easily reconfigure and adapt the space as needs and preferences evolve. Shelves and hardware can be easily switched out to display all product types offered in the store, including deeper dimensions to accommodate larger products such as bedding and quilts.

A physical embodiment of the brand’s timeless, refined, and sustainability-focused ethos, the new store is Garnett Hill’s sophisticated, tactile entry to the brick-and-mortar space, embracing its next stage of servicing core customers and connecting with a wider, new audience.