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The Nature Near Pavilion concept is a nomadic lounge, a temporary elevated playground experience, music venue, chill out space and walkway in a densely forested area designed for attendees of The Format Festival (For Music+Art+Technology), a massive three-day multidisciplinary event that combines an eclectic lineup from some of the biggest names in the music industry, featuring an impressive music, art, and technology focus.

Built entirely from scaffolding, industrial prefabs as well as printed and translucent billboard material, the pavilion is elevated three feet above an undulating landscape and connected to the main venue spaces by Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) platforms, keeping concert goers safe from potential flooding in a celebration of the journey. Branding and graphics are an integral part of the design, where layered imagery on the outdoor skin during the day fades to become an indoor moving projection that hosts artwork from a variety of guest artists on its surface at night.

The lounge, a physical and virtual homage to the domed grandeur of the Pantheon, will feature an ever-changing roster of guest DJs and sound artists, serving as a welcoming space for attendees to hang out in during the festival and a sheltered playground for the senses in a calm and safe series of moments.