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The Georgia State Properties Commission (SPC) partnered with NELSON Worldwide to conduct a workplace strategy study to optimize space needs for 21 agencies across Metro Atlanta. The main goal was to enhance collaboration and space utilization by relocating these agencies closer together. NELSON included consultants for a multi-use market analysis and cost estimation. Following the study, SPC extended the scope to include design and construction for the Health Building and Floyd Towers.

The design team began by identifying relocation options for multiple agencies, analyzing existing facilities, and conducting focus group interviews to develop a migration plan. NELSON created a hybrid approach and right-sizing strategy for each agency, adhering to SPC’s space standards and accommodating hybrid work models. They recommended relocating 10 agencies to buildings near the Capitol Building with minimal disruption.

During the design and construction phase, NELSON managed 800,000 square feet across two 18-story towers, expediting the process to ensure a seamless transition. This included partial renovations and complete gutting for some floors. Collaboration from design through construction was crucial in meeting deadlines.

In addition to relocating 10 agencies, existing agencies in Floyd Towers underwent right-sizing, making space for others. Standardized furniture solutions were implemented for adaptability. NELSON developed a standard furniture package, allowing customization based on agency needs and budget. The team also strategized stacking plans for efficient re-stacking within Floyd Towers, enhancing the effectiveness of state agencies.