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When Ferrara Candy Company planned to relocate from the suburbs to downtown Chicago’s central business district, they partnered with us to renovate their office space within Chicago’s Old Main Post Office building. We were tasked with designing a space that would accommodate growth and flexibility and support the unique aspects of Ferrara’s diverse brand portfolio, all while honoring the history of the building. 

Ferrara’s new headquarters has workstations scattered throughout the footprint of the space, allowing employees better access to each other and to natural light. Exposed sightlines encourage a more open environment, while the huddle rooms and private offices give options for privacy and concentration. Industrial metal frames are used throughout as subtle space dividers and are infilled with whiteboards and felt panels that serve as tools to encourage innovation. The backdrop is clean, industrial, and neutral throughout, so each brand can layer on their own unique style and personality. 

Ferrara’s space commemorates a new chapter for Chicago’s long vacant Old Post Office. The design elevates the industrial nature of the building, accentuating the 18-foot-tall ceilings, two vintage mail chutes, and two package scales. 

Ferrara’s new headquarters is another stop along the company’s journey to becoming the leader in sweet snacking.