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Ferrara Candy reenlisted NELSON Worldwide to create an all-in-one innovation center within their headquarters at the historic Old Post Office. By repurposing a portion of the existing office space and developing the innovation center, the design team transformed the headquarters into a space that brings the innovation and business teams together.

Within the Innovation Center, the team works on innovating new candy concepts for testing and eventual market release. The space houses multiple development benches where new products are developed.

Our design team created a stunning test kitchen that serves as a hub for the team’s culinary experimentation. Within this space, they can prepare products, bake confections, and craft delectable creations. Outfitted with cameras and stage lighting, the kitchen facilitates live broadcasts of the cooking process to different parts of the office as well as remote locations, enabling viewers to witness candy creations in real time.

The candy testing rooms are designed for focus groups who are invited to take part in blind taste tests. To eliminate any potential color bias, colored LED lighting is employed to obscure the candy’s true color. Participants are equipped with iPads to engage in surveys covering aspects like taste, texture, and other relevant factors. A dedicated conference room provides a space for participants to delve into discussions about their observations, preferences regarding candy selections, and the outcomes of their evaluations.