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With brain health specialists spread out across multiple locations on campus, Emory Healthcare needed a single-building solution where these physicians could collaborate to provide the best care for patients seeking psychological and neurological services. We worked with Emory to create a state-of-the-art brain health center that would meet this goal. 

The center is comprised of five floors containing clinical, educational, and administrative suites. By breaking down the walls between practice areas, the design team created a facility that encourages collaboration between specialists while providing cross-specialty care to patients. We worked closely with the Emory team to develop an efficient new workflow across departments. Centralized check-in at the first-floor lobby streamlines patients’ path through the building. Floors are color coded and coordinated with doctors’ reporting tools to support accuracy and reduce the chance of error in treatment.  

The building also accommodates Emory’s wide range of research specialties, including general neurology, movement, epilepsy, neuromuscular, cognitive, neuropsychic, geriatric psych, vestibular, rehabilitation services, sleep clinic and lab, and adult and child psychiatry.