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When Corix was relocating from their old farmhouse to downtown Chicago after more than 50 years, we were tasked with bringing their vision for a new headquarters to life. We had to completely reimagine how the company would function coming from a divided, suburban farmhouse to a new environment in the city. The goal was for their new space to improve recruitment and retention, offer a more engaging experience for employees, and better represent their brand.

Taking a meaningful approach to environmental graphics, we installed pipes throughout the space to serve a dual purpose: vibrant décor and creative wayfinding. The two shades of blue, and green pipes each represent the three ways they provide power to their clients: water, gas, and electricityThree distinct graphics match up with the pipes and represent each core marketThe large orange pipe represents those markets coming together to support the community, thus acting as an organic guide to all the community and gathering areas within the space.  

modern café engages employees during traditional work hours and serves as flexible event space after hours for socializing, extending the utilization beyond the traditional nine to five. The overall design incorporates collaboration, socialization, and purpose to help celebrate the characteristics of the brand while creating a platform that allows Corix to grow and evolve as a company.