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When this company was relocating its Southeast headquarters, they challenged us with designing the new office to function as a home base for fostering new talent, while catering to an evolving staff. Previously settled in a building that separated the team by three floors, the relocation presented the opportunity to consolidate floors, move into an open, all-workstation environment, and transition into an office that highlights the company’s global brand through a celebration of comfort and collaboration. 

The design stimulates creativity, individual focus, and promotes organizational gatherings. To further integrate the company’s ethos, the design team offered services for branding, environmental graphics, and accessories, completing a graphic package that included custom artwork and signage, wayfinding, and graphic wallcoverings.  

It was additionally important to incorporate the right balance of touch down spots, breakout areas, and focus rooms to accommodate the frequency of meetings and video conferences employees conduct each day. The transition from closed-off private offices to an open concept workspace made it essential for the design team to create a workplace that employees could adjust to easily, which was achieved by blending the comfort of home with features found in state-of-the-art work environments. The workspaces are divided into neighborhoods per department, which are easily distinguished through different colors. To break up the number of meeting rooms, our team incorporated a butler’s pantry and a large cafe area that would encourage socialization among staff.  

Overall, the company’s new Southeast headquarters is an engaging environment where different teams with shared goals can foster an innovative culture.