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This global consumer product manufacturing company, with corporate offices all over the world, partnered with our team to design their Oakland, California office. Each of the company’s offices has a special tie to the city in which it resides, while remaining true to the parent brand.

The goal was to deliver a more flexible, organized space, with an executive suite aesthetic and multiple options for collaborative working. These two floors of an Oakland high-rise feature a renovated, open work environment complete with varied and engaging seating areas accented with moss walls and rich wood.  It also includes a vibrant café that can be used for alternative working, team meetings, or grabbing coffee.

An elevated, industrial look in addition to open sightlines, complement the local, historical architecture of the surrounding buildings. The corner areas on each floor, typically allocated to executive offices, serve as collaborative breakout areas for dedicated teams representing a specific brand in the company’s portfolio. Modern, industrial shelving units serve a dual-purpose, acting as partitions and a display unit for artifacts that showcase the brand’s products.