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As a trusted partner to this leader in the tech industry, we have created several key employee and customer experiences for the brand. We have envisioned, designed and implemented multiple cutting-edge environments for the rapidly growing company including their Seattle office. The office was designed to reflect the company’s focus on global corporate citizenship, it’s vibrant culture, and recruiting strategy of hiring the best and brightest talent from all over the world.

The Seattle office impressively spans six floors that thematically connect their global brand to the distinct elements of the city. Each floor leverages graphic elements, storytelling, and interactive components to represent characteristics of Seattle including art, music, the natural surroundings that together undeniably represent the client’s brand. Environmental branding and immersive design elements bring a rich, energetic tone to the space.

Our work with the Seattle office has set the standard for the future of workplace and an opportunity for the client’s Real Estate and Facilities group to showcase the potential real estate impact for other business groups. We own the creative strategy, experiential journey, and visual asset development to deliver a best-in-class workplace filled with employee-centric touchpoints that create a strong identity for the company and it’s employees, ultimately serving as an attraction and retention driver for the tech market’s best talent.