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Civis Analytics, a data technology start-up, was looking for a new office space. Seeking a fun, modern and collaborative environment, Civis selected an 8,000-square-foot loft space at the southern end of the West Loop in Chicago, a former warehouse district.  

We worked with Civis to refresh the space in the 106-year-old building to bring it in line with the firm’s culture and vision. In addition to an open, flexible floor plan, the space features ample daylight and unique, inspirational wall murals depicting classic scientists and theories. Our design preserves the raw warehouse feel of the space while infusing an edgy spirit of innovation and discovery throughout the office. Simple materials, charcoal shades, and the use of glass create a clean, minimalistic and transparent environment throughout the open layout. Meeting spaces, phone rooms, and a large cafeteria with bleacher-style seating provide employees range and choice in work setting throughout the day.