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We partnered with the Cincinnati Reds and TriHealth to create a space unique to the MLB experience, focused on promoting healthy choices and ensuring the universal wellbeing of fans of all ages. The TriHealth Family Zone is located on the third deck of the stadium, on the view level in the right field corner of Great American Ballpark. Overlooking the Ohio River, the Banks Entertainment District and the Cincinnati Skyline, this formerly underutilized area leverages incredible views and now serves as a retreat where families can go to unwind and engage in several one-of-a-kind experiences.  

The Family Zone is broken up into a combination of indoor and outdoor interactive spaces. The outdoor section features a kid’s play area, family focused concession stand, beer and wine bar, large two-seat swinging benches that overlook the Ohio River, miniature batting cages, and relaxing lounge spaces for the whole family. Adjacent to the outdoor areas, the interior experiences are designed to resemble the color, character, and fun of the beloved Reds mascot Gapper, including MLB’s first sensory room experience, mother’s nursing suite, and indoor reading and activity room.  

The first of its kind in MLB, the sensory room at the Great American Ballpark is a therapeutic space designed to promote self-organization and positive change for individuals with learning difficulties, developmental disabilities, or sensory impairments. Baseball games are often filled with high energy situations, and as such, the sensory room was designed to reflect a sense of calm. The room is furnished with changeable colored lighting, individual pods with crash pads, interactive bubble tubes, lounge space and sensory tactile activities. The entire space was designed with soft surface materials to ensure safety. Individual pods provide extra space allowing children to escape to a space that is both quiet and dark for a truly calming experience.