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We teamed up with the Cincinnati Reds to renovate their Hall of Fame and Museum which needed a more organized and engaging visitor experience that could commemorate and celebrate the 150th anniversary of the franchise. The $5 million-dollar, 15,000 square-foot renovation refreshed the largest Hall of Fame in all of Major League Baseball with environmental graphics, new artifacts, and touchscreen technology, enhancing guest engagement throughout the space. 

The new space offers a modern-day interpretation of the Cincinnati Reds’ historical journey as baseball’s first professional team. Including six unique galleries that highlight different aspects of the team’s history, and housing more than 7,000 team artifacts, visitors now move through the museum’s collection in a progressive order. The exclusive 1869 Room is dedicated to the team’s 150th anniversary, followed by a timeline gallery that allows visitors to chronologically follow both the team and players’ milestones throughout history.

Every homerun, strikeout, and memorable radio moment is captured throughout the museum and the unforgettable stories inspire guests to reconnect to America’s favorite pastime.