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We worked with Cincinnati’s Contemporary Arts Center to reimagine their lobby and gift shop experience. The main goal was to activate the building’s social spaces to encourage people to come inside and socialize, positioning the center as more than a museum.  

With the main gallery and art installations upstairs, it was challenging to attract pedestrians passing by on the street level. Our team took advantage of the floor-to-ceiling windows to transform the views from the outside in 

The lobby renovation offers a more welcoming social space that brings the community together in a hospitable, artful way. The edges of the iconic building are softened, by creating a more open and fluid layout with a new lounge area and cafe. A new café features bar seating and community tables, allowing the lobby to serve multiple purposes – a waiting area before entering the museum or just a meeting and hangout spot. Artwork extends into the lobby with temporary installations, further engaging museumgoers and enticing street traffic on the ground-level.