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Driven by their dedication to offering intelligent financing solutions and empowering small business owners to build, grow, and achieve success, Channel Partners aimed for their new office to reflect this mission. Recognizing our design team’s expertise in creating dynamic financial work environments, Channel Partners enlisted our services to create a space that would foster camaraderie among employees and places the well-being and productivity of their team at the forefront.



The new 33,140 square-foot office immediately immerses staff and guests in the buzz of workplace activity. The layout seamlessly blends a variety of spaces  including open office neighborhoods, private and semi-private rooms and lounges, an easily configurable training room, board room, dining areas, collaborative zones, and even a speakeasy.

The training room is equipped with a retractable wall that opens onto Channel Hall and is utilized for all company meetings and gatherings. This entire zone was intentionally designed to maximize employee interaction and serves as an area for teammates to not only enjoy their meals but also gather for informal discussions and group work, fostering a sense of community within the workplace.

The design team achieved an elevated, hospitality-like ambiance by employing lighting solutions that seamlessly bridged the atmospheres between dedicated workstations and interactive areas. With 183 square feet of office space per person, the new Channel Partners office offers employees a space for them to work, connect, and grow.