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For the international investment firm’s new office, Castlelake sought a space that would provide efficiencies, better connection among departments, improved collaboration, and updated technology infrastructure. To bring its vision to life, the firm tapped NELSON Worldwide for planning and design services. The result is a bright, efficient, and engaged workplace that exemplifies employee connection and is welcoming to clients.


Located at RBC Gateway Tower, Castlelake’s new office consists of one full and one partial floor linked by a connecting stair. At the firm’s main entrance, visitors are greeted by the grand reception and conference center. In this new workplace, Castlelake opted to forgo the traditional office approach, drastically decreasing the number of private offices in favor of a more open space that fosters collaboration among its teams. All of the private offices are universal in size and situated in the interior floorplate, allowing natural daylight to flood the open office.

Progressing down the interconnecting stair, employees are met with the majority of the open office workspace consisting of additional private offices, trading areas, administration, an internal arrangement of conference rooms, and the lounge/cafe.


Playing off of Castlelake’s branding, elements reminiscent of a castle were incorporated into the design, subtly weaving elements into the materiality and interior architecture. “Castle” imagery is embedded in the prominent arched openings that are scattered throughout the office for people to discover, as well as the stone millwork and combination of stone and wood flooring, carefully selected to pay homage to the grandeur of castles without feeling like a direct replication.