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CarVal, a brand of investors founded under Cargill, tapped our team to conceptualize their new 31,000-square-foot office located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As the brand’s first independent office, they wanted a space that gave them a voice and celebrated their unique culture as an investment firm. The goal of the project was to create an environment that strengthens the office community and feels both conscious and innovative.

Throughout the office,  all teammates have equal access to natural light and unique collaboration zones. Clear sightlines and low panel desks offer a sense of transparency across teams and create a more inclusive work experience. A break-out area provides a transition space for opportunities to socialize, relax, or have meetings. There are a variety of flexible spaces and rooms to support different work styles — a feature that makes the space more discoverable and organic. Balancing industrial and classic design elements, the space’s overall aesthetic is timeless yet calming. Plants and local art compliment the color palette made of neutrals and the signature CarVal blue.

Overall, the office optimizes efficiency, connectivity, and flow. Our design team was conscious of tailoring to the unique needs of the brand and ensuring the space invites all shareholders to experience the CarVal culture.