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A developer looking to create a vibrant community in the heart of downtown Greenville, South Carolina, selected our design team to transform the former Greenville News building into a mixed-use space with an open-air plaza that capitalizes the entirety of the four-and-a-half-acre site called Camperdown.


The new space consists of a 17-story office tower with penthouse-style condominiums on the upper six floors. Outside the office and residential tower, the design team included a courtyard with a series of free-standing restaurants and shops to activate the space and draw in members from the surrounding community. Hanging above the courtyard is an overhead canopy installation that mimics water flow from a nearby river. Through the strategic use of geometric fabrics, the team created a sense of connectedness that runs between the buildings.

To fit the fabric of downtown Greenville, the design team chose materials and color schemes synonymous with the city’s existing architectural landscape and paid homage to the city’s historic brick and cotton mills with brickwork on the building exterior envelope. Paired with modern design touches, Camperdown honors the community’s heritage while incorporating future-forward design elements and marks history as the city’s first mixed-use development.