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We teamed up with sports restaurant franchise Buffalo Wings & Rings (BW&R) to develop a new dine-in design concept focused on re-imagining the BW&R brand experience for patrons. Based upon delivering to market a club-level sports restaurant experience, our design concept pays homage to the brand’s established connection to the community by creating a place where everyone feels welcome to celebrate everyday moments through a craveable chef-inspired menu. 

We utilized a data-driven approach to design and concept, gathering consumer insight through dine-alongs and consumer surveys, and then delivered an innovative new service and operations model, leveraging service zones and unique digital components that allow for the ultimate dining experience. 

The rebrand begins with the exterior architecture of the BW&R stores and a new valet pick-up area where customers can place and pick-up their orders without having to leave their vehicles for the ultimate to-go experience. Inside, each table is positioned for easy TV viewing access for televised sporting events. The restaurant also features a lounge and game area for a more casual seating option. A series of environmental graphics act as a play on words and support wayfinding by designating the different zones throughout the restaurant: Beer Me and Wing Me. Additionally, an eye-catching, beer-inspired mural features a variety of barrels, each labeled with the brand and type of beer. 

Exposed brick walls, industrial steel columns, warm wood, as well as tones of orange, green, and gray make up the interior design. Steel partitions have a honeycomb patterned cutout for additional visibility, and also reminiscent of the materials found in a sports stadium. Our innovative concepts for the new Buffalo Wings & Rings design concept ultimately dovetailed the firm’s experiential work into an entirely new brand strategy and visual identity for the franchise. The team’s design redefines what VIP service looks like for a sports bar and restaurant—drawing enthusiasm from loyal customers, franchisees alike, while positioning the brand as a leader in their own industry.