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Boston Consulting Group, a global management consulting firm with 16,000 employees worldwide, wished to create a new, localized administration center that would serve the entire firm from a centralized location in the northern hemisphere. Before tackling this project, we conducted conversations, research, programming, and visioning sessions to better understand the company’s priorities for the project.

The company’s focus on loyalty, gratitude, tradition, and perseverance inspired a familial, home-like feel for the new space. The office is open and light-filled, and the color palette is warm and inviting. The design accommodates individual comfort and personalization through advanced ergonomics to nurture the employee base and ensure that extended hours spent in the office are comfortable and productive.

Most important, employees have a choice of work setting, from heads-down to huddle space and larger collaboration areas. With flexibility and a strong feeling of community and collegiality, Boston Consulting Group’s new work environment captures the spirit of the company.

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