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As the retail industry evolves, Bloomingdale’s, one of America’s most iconic luxury department stores, debuts Bloomie’s. The roughly 22,000-square-foot store brings the best of Bloomingdale’s to a smaller, highly curated, ever-evolving store concept, and offers customers a more intimate and convenient experience centered around luxury goods, curated fashion, and a vibrant on-site restaurant experience.

Upon entry, customers are greeted by The Front Desk, where they can make returns from any channel, pick up online orders, and more. A dedicated stockroom for e-commerce orders is also implemented near the front desk to decrease pick-up wait times.

Along with curated neighborhoods and specialized shopping sections, the Bloomie’s floor plan is easily adaptable with rotating display carts to spotlight trending product lines, promising customers new finds with every visit.

Throughout the store, contemporary furnishings and perimeter fixtures of natural materials, and a vibrant color palette provide a residential aesthetic. Additionally, residential furnishings such as couches and lounge chairs are located throughout the store providing customers with opportunities to relax while they shop. The exterior of the store is a mosaic of painted black, white, and gray tiles that cleverly regionalize the store to the surrounding Mosaic Shopping District and pay homage to the Bloomingdale’s flagship in Manhattan, New York.