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Bayer CropScience, an international company focused on agriculture and environmental advancements, needed an innovation center dedicated to the company’s cutting-edge SeedGrowth equipment. We partnered with Ryan Companies to design the 135,000 square-foot space in Shakopee, Minnesota. The goal was to showcase the brand’s commitment to advanced research and development on seed treatment products, seed coatings, equipment and services, all while keeping employees and office amenities a top priority.  

The innovation center combines manufacturing space, office, research and development, and training facilities, with room for future expansion. Our team was involved from start to finish, delivering interior design, development, construction, and civil engineering.  

The building features a sleek entrance reflective of the company’s innovations, and vibrant, colorful surroundings for employees. Workers can also take advantage of a trendy social hub called The Hive, a collaborative café and gathering spot.  

The innovation center plays a significant role in the success of Bayer CropScience’s SeedGrowth division, speeding up research to give growers the tools they need to manage their diverse demands, in turn providing agricultural solutions to customers around the globe.