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Rich in nostalgic heritage and core baby boomer customers, we helped A&W, the second largest burger chain in Canada, update their existing legacy brand to encourage more millennial fans.  

Our first initiative was to create an urban prototype – a new space that showcases a rejuvenated story of A&W’s history as a classic burger brand, applying industrial elements such as stained concrete, raw metal accenting, open ceilings, and modern graphic language. The dining room offers a variety of seating styles that cater to the needs of urban consumers ranging from those seeking a quick bite to those who want space to linger. The new design updates the heart and soul of the brand while providing a relevant place to socialize and gather for the urban guest. 

Most recently, we were tasked with helping A&W update their existing legacy brand from a diner-inspired theme to a concept that would bring to life their mantra of “Good Food Makes Good Food” and encourages millennial growth. This was accomplished by introducing natural elements and layers to soften the branded architecture and celebrate the new food-forward messaging. The result was increased loyalty, increased guest perception of food quality, and reintroduction of the brand to a younger demographic.