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We partnered with premier fashion retailer, Jawahir, to concept and design its first ever multi-brand store called Avanti, targeting stylish women from around the world. Avanti is known for personalized service, exclusivity, and luxury, selling some of the most high-end brands in the world. Located within the Mall of Dhahran in Saudi Arabia, the 16,000 square foot, single-level store delicately showcases Avanti’s elite cosmetic, fragrance, handbag, shoe, and accessory collections, each hand-selected to represent the local woman.  

A neutral color palette with grays, whites, and blacks are conveyed in the foundational elements like flooring and lighting, and subtle brand descriptors, allows each carefully handpicked piece to standout on its own. Other color palettes reflect the natural features of the local region. Hues of blue are used to represent water, while sand colors characterize the desert landscape. There is more window front visibility of all areas so shoppers passing by can get a full look at the new extension of the Jawahir brand. The front of the store also features digital screens that can highlight different marketing messages and branded graphics.  

Our team developed all aspects of the store from logo creation to interior design. Avanti balances exclusivity, femininity, and locality to provide an unforgettable shopping experience.