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We were tasked with delivering a vibrant mixed-use destination in Alpharetta, Georgia. Before commencing design for the development, the team visited similar projects throughout the country for inspiration to be able to mimic the elements that worked and to omit the ones that did not. 

We envisioned Avalon as the first true “urbanburb,” a mixed-use development in the Southeastern United States, designed to attract potential tenants and residents to a new style of living, complete with common spaces, pedestrian access, and size dimensions to meet the needs of all those who live, work, and play in the area. 

This dynamic mixed-use development exhibits over 500,000 square feet of retail, a premium theater venue, conference center, and hotel. In addition, offices, single-family residences, and luxury rental homes make up the community. Avalon is a popular one-stop-shop for locals and tourists seeking a unique and luxurious shopping, dining, living, or working experience.