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Veterans Affairs was looking to update their Atlanta Regional Office into an inviting, veteran-centric environment that would support national pride and provide services and support for staff and visitors through flexible, welcoming spaces. In a four-phased approach to update all four floors of the office building, NELSON Worldwide worked with Higdon + Herring to create a modernized workspace for employees, as well as a “one-stop shop” of veteran-facing services within their building.



Beyond the lobby are the veteran services spaces, which include meeting spaces; hearing rooms; a job lab where veterans can seek guidance on applications or training; a cafe; and patio. The space utilizes demountable walls, which can be deconstructed and made into additional spaces if needed; no space is completely fixed. With built-in transparency and flexibility, the space breaks down barriers between departments, increasing connectivity and engagement among departments and with veterans.

Security is a priority throughout the entirety of the space. The conversations occurring in meeting rooms, counselor rooms, or hearing rooms could be sensitive in nature, and each space is consciously designed to provide a balance of comfort and safety. Biophilic design elements further evoke a sense of calm, providing a connection to nature.

The second and third floors contain open office space, flexible demountable private offices, various meeting and training spaces, and inviting break rooms, where NELSON is implementing modernization with a forward-thinking approach to provide adaptability for continuous improvement. To create further connection among employees, as well as offer moments of respite, more intimate spaces are integrated into the design both at the office core and on the perimeters — also helping to break up the open office space. Renovations to the fourth floor will encompass the director’s suite, administrative functions, and human resources, as well as a fitness center.