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Nestled within the bustling landscape of industrial innovation, the AR Glass facility, crafted in collaboration with Evans General Contractors, is a testament to modern design and functionality. This architectural marvel sprawls across 415,000 square feet and is dedicated to production, with an additional 10,000-square-foot office wing adding charm to its elegance.

Boasting notable features such as a cutting-edge rail line and rail car unloading building, towering raw material silos, and an intricate conveying system, the facility ensures seamless logistics. Within its walls, a meticulously crafted decoration, labeling, and packaging suite perfectly bring products to life, while the shipping and receiving warehouse orchestrates the intricate dance of commerce.

Beyond production, administrative spaces and workshops nurture innovation alongside amenities like locker and shower rooms. A state-of-the-art QA laboratory ensures that only the finest products bear the AR Glass insignia, making this facility a beacon of efficiency and ingenuity.