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Rockhill Management embarked on a comprehensive renovation project for 75 State, a prominent Class A office tower in Boston’s financial district, aiming to enhance tenant amenities and maintain competitiveness. Collaborating with NELSON Worldwide, the project focused on revitalizing the underutilized rooftop terrace and breathing new life into the existing lobby, conference center, lounge, and terrace. The primary objective was to drive leasing activity for vacant spaces while activating amenity areas for events, catering, and employee gatherings.

The transformed rooftop terrace now seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor spaces, featuring a well-appointed bar and ample seating ideal for corporate events. Notably, the design integrates revitalized trees adorned with charming string lights, creating an inviting ambiance. The interior amenities offer panoramic views of the terrace through a folding glass wall, with a luxurious yet industrial indoor bar and octagonal-shaped lounges providing spaces for relaxation and collaboration. Additionally, a glass-front conference room offers an ideal setting for training sessions and staff meetings, completing the redefined spaces that elevate the overall experience at 75 State.

The team also transformed the expansive lobby space within 75 State, infusing it with greenery and biophilic elements to create a tranquil, garden-like atmosphere. Divided into three distinct sections—the crescent, promenade, and grotto—the lobby now offers various seating options and outlets for tenants. A striking feature wall in the crescent area pays homage to the building’s Art Deco exterior, with metal-paneled surfaces showcasing diverse chevron motifs. These panels, backlit and capable of changing colors throughout the day, add to the lobby’s unique ambiance.

Harmonizing with the seventh-floor terrace, the lobby underwent a redesign with black metal accents, lighter wood tones, and simplified finishes. Through strategic design choices, including floor coverings and fixtures, the team minimized the need for extensive removal of existing assets. From the enchanting rooftop terrace to the meticulously designed lobby, every detail of 75 State enhances the tenant experience, fostering a welcoming and inspiring environment for work and relaxation. This project exemplifies how intentional design can revitalize urban spaces, making them more attractive and functional for all who enter.