For a new office in Harrisburg, PA, the team at Windward Engineers and Consultants prioritized the health and wellness of the staff — with lighting as a key element. With a range of amenities from huddle rooms to a café, the designers incorporated innovative lighting solutions throughout the space.

“Windward is an architectural engineering firm with a major lighting studio. It was imperative from the start that the level of lighting design in the space be reflective of what we do. Yet, we also feel that lighting is acritical wellness feature in the space. A lot of things that we put in the office were specifically for the benefit of the employees,” said Shawn Good, Windward’s lighting studio director.

In partnership with NELSON Worldwide, responsible for the interior design, Windward wanted to ensure that the workspace supported a range of work styles, from heads-down to collaborative. Huddle rooms and phone booths were added to serve as personal areas, essential in the expansive office. Read more here.