Jongmin Kim has joined NELSON as Vice President, Design Leader of the Civic & Justice practice. Jongmin will oversee technical design and production for multiple justice projects, ensuring an unwavering commitment to quality. Collaborating closely with regional Civic & Justice leaders, Jongmin will manage project schedules and coordinate staff efforts. He will also engage with project owners and contractors, providing timely assistance and leadership to foster strong relationships.

Fueled by a passion for sustainability in justice system design, Jongmin has seamlessly led a range of diverse projects, forging close partnerships with renowned architects and engineers while contributing to the creation of iconic structures. His architectural experience was honed through the rigors of managing the complex 15 Union Square, a high-end mixed-use tower in New York that navigated the challenges of the 2008 financial crisis and underwent multiple leadership transitions. Among his numerous projects, Moynihan Station and One Vanderbilt tower in New York stand out as milestones, showcasing clever design solutions aligned with stringent energy codes. Jongmin also oversaw project management for Amtrak, adeptly handling simultaneous renovations for five train stations, including substantial projects in Miami and Orlando, totaling approximately $200 million.

Jongmin’s profound expertise spans the realms of building design, construction, and project management, encompassing architecture, building science consulting, and a comprehensive perspective from designer to owner. Currently, his focus is dedicated to transformative endeavors such as Westchester’s “Raise the Age” legislation and the New Jersey Juvenile Detention Center. These projects exemplify a pioneering approach to accommodating juvenile residents, representing pivotal milestones in his distinguished portfolio.