Being part of the Hospitality Studio, I am always interested in staying at unique and different lodging experiences when traveling. So, on a recent trip to the Pacific Northwest with my husband and friends, we journeyed a little further north than originally planned to spend the night in sphere tree houses. It was definitely worth it!

Located in a coastal rainforest on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, the spheres are the creation of Tom Chudleigh. We had a chance to meet Tom and see his workshop where he is currently constructing more sphere tree houses. He utilizes techniques from boat building when constructing and outfitting the spheres. Practically everything is made by Tom, even the hinges and locks for the windows and doors.

The spaces inside the spheres are incredible efficient with storage nooks in any “open” space. Each are equipped with a bed, seating and a kitchenette area enough to make coffee or tea in the morning. There is no running water in the spheres but the bath facilities are very close by. Each sphere is hung in middle of three trees in a way that doesn’t harm but allows the tree to continue to grow and thrive.

If you ever find yourself on Vancouver Island, I high recommend making the journey to forest and staying in a Free Spirit Sphere!

Photo credit: Free Spirit Sphere