As retail continues to rapidly transform, we’re looking beyond the immediate industry, to environments and concepts inspiring the retail of tomorrow in our latest Fluid Retail series. Today’s consumers engage with brands in a fluid manner. The traditional sectors of the retail, restaurant, hospitality, and entertainment have blurred as the consumer-desired experience has become a mosaic of expectations, influenced heavily by engagement, access, and authenticity. Embracing these new expectations presents brands with a greater opportunity to differentiate, cross-sell and expand the breadth of their brand experience. 

This segment will focus on entertainment concepts—from brand name skate parks, to experiential beauty studios, that have adapted to new consumer behaviors, paving the way for new experiences of the future (and while you’re here, check out other our other segments: Hospitality & Wellness and Food + Beverage):



Global gaming brands Razer has unveiled its first European flagship,  a 3,700-square-foot space dedicated to interactive experiences. The distinctly dark two-floor space features a shop floor, play-test area where consumers can try out any combination of Razer’s gear, and lower ground floor gaming zone, complete with an enclosed streaming booth, connected consoles and ten battle stations. There will also be weekly tournaments, workshops, and boot camps in the future.

RazerStore, London, UK


Vans Skate Space

Vans Skate Space 198 was designed to offer a unique skate experience both beginner and experience boarders. As consumers flock to brand sponsored spaces, Vans hopes that the space will host competitions, art exhibits and music events in the future. 

Vans Skate Space, Brooklyn, NYC


CAMP Flagship

Built to engage and inspire young families CAMP’s newest flagship location in Hudson Yards NYC has a canteen, an interactive space for play and shopping, and a theater for activities and programming for kids. Different from other CAMP stores that operate with rotating themes, this signature store features the brand’s BaseCAMP theme, bringing families the nostalgia of New England summer camps no matter the time of year.

CAMP, Hudson Yards NYC



European fashion e-retailer Zalando opened a Berlin Beauty Station to act as a multi-use store that doubles as an interactive art gallery, salon, or photography studio. Showcasing IRL tutorials and producing educational content for in-store tablets or online streaming, the store offers fans beauty focused entertainment experiences. 

Zalando Beauty Studio, Berlin, Germany



Off-White Miami Flagship

Fashion designer and streetwear icon Virgil Abloh has redesigned Off-White brand’s Miami flagship to flex into a multipurpose event and fulfilment center when not in regular retail mode. The space’s new design navigates the challenges of reimaging the physical brand space as the popularity of e-commerce, accelerated by the pandemic, grows.

Off-White Flagship, Miami, FL