As retail continues to rapidly transform, we’re looking beyond the immediate industry, to environments and concepts inspiring the retail of tomorrow in our latest Fluid Retail series. Today’s consumers engage with brands in a fluid manner, the traditional sectors of the retail, restaurant, hospitality, and entertainment have blurred as the consumer-desired experience has become a mosaic of expectations, influenced heavily by engagement, access, and authenticity. Embracing these new expectations presents brands with a greater opportunity to differentiate, cross-sell, and expand the breadth of their brand experience. 

This segment will focus on Food + Beverage concepts, from modern bodegas, to distant dining clubs that have adapted to new consumer behaviors, paving the way for new experiences of the future (and while you’re here, check out other our other segments: Hospitality & Wellness and Entertainment):


The Little Shop

 A recent addition to the Seaport District of  lower Manhattan, The Little Shop has the look and feel of your neighborhood bodega but this corner store has a twist. Hidden in the back of this modern day bodega is a full service speakeasy bar and lounge that serves cozy cocktails and sundry provisions.  

The Little Shop, New York City


Distant Dining X Junzi Kitchen

According to Junzi Kitchen, an Asian inspired fast casual concept located in New York City, ” just because there’s a crisis out there, doesn’t mean what we eat at home can’t be opportunities for creative collaborations and cultural exploration.”

Adapting to rules and regulations of COVID-19 the restaurant created Distant Dining, a weekly dinner delivery made of three courses, designed by chefs across NYC’s food scene. Think of it as a tasting menu made more accessible than ever. 

Distant Dining x Junzi Kitchen, New York City


Beast Mart X Sacred Beast Diner

Adding new ways to serve consumers at home, many restaurants have adapted their brands to focus on retail meal solutions, including Cincinnati’s Sacred Beast Diner. Named Beast Mart, the concept offers grocery staples, beer and wine, and a rotating “Beast Kits” for home cooking for two or four people.  

Beast Mart X Sacred Beast Diner, Cincinnati, OH


The Greens at Pier 17 

Social distancing has never been more fun (and safe) at The Greens at Pier 17. Usually a rooftop concert venue, this outdoor bar and restaurant experience allows city-goers the opportunity to reserve 14-by-14 foot mini lawns with cabana-style lounge chairs, umbrellas, coolers, and USB ports for small group drinking and dining.

The Greens, New York City