New York Market Week is here and as retail continues to rapidly transform, we’re looking beyond the immediate industry, to environments and concepts inspiring the retail of tomorrow. Today’s consumers engage with brands in a fluid manner, the traditional sectors of the retail, restaurant, hospitality, and entertainment have blurred as the consumer-desired experience has become a mosaic of expectations, influenced heavily by engagement, access, and authenticity. Embracing these new expectations presents brands with a greater opportunity to differentiate, cross-sell and expand the breadth of their brand experience. So, this year while in the city we’ll be exploring some of the city’s most innovative new concepts across multiple industries, that we think could be a driving force in the retail experience of the future.

Our final Fluid Retail segment will focus on concepts revolving around Art + Recreation.  Below you will find the best spots in and around NYC to immerse yourself in a creative experience whether it’s an art show, concert, or tour. (And if you missed our first two posts in the series make sure to check them out here: Food & Beverage and Hospitality + Wellness)

Snark Park | Sensory Park in Hudson Yards

Snark Park is a permanent “immersive installation” venue designed by New York City architecture firm Snarkitecture. Located at The Shops at Hudson Yards, the “park” is open to the public allowing visitors to interact with “aesthetically pleasing architectural experiences”. Inside, one can find plenty of photographable moments in the two-way mirrored room decorated with glowing tiles and an array of other materials that play to the senses.

The New Pier 17 + South Seaport District | Lower Manhattan Developmen

The revitalization of Pier 17 and South Seaport District has been in the cue for years, and this year the restoration has begun to unfold. Spreading across 1.5 acres, the new Pier 17 Rooftop and mixed-use center is a concert venue, restaurant, park and more all in one. A variety of new shops have also opened near the Pier creating a new space for locals and tourist to enjoy the water.

Brooklyn Grange | Rooftop Farm

Although Brooklyn Grange is not a new concept, it is growing. If you haven’t heard of it yet, the Grange is the world’s largest rooftop soil farm. Along with harvesting fresh produce, the farm offers tours, workshops, yoga, and educational programs. Private events and weddings are offered for reservation. Altogether, the Grange provides people with a fluid experience that inspires people to experience something they usually wouldn’t find in the city.

Showfeilds | SoHo Pop-up Home

Shopping can be art too, especially at Showfeilds where you get to explore a variety of brands through colorful, immersive pop-up experiences. From the bottom to the top of this four-floor studio, visitors can find a parade of rotating workshops, events, and retail concepts where you can play or observe a number of brand experiences.

The Shed | Hudson Yards Venue

Called the “new center for the arts”, The Shed is an architectural wonder that plans to host established and emerging artists under one roof. The coolest thing about this venue is its adaptability. The venue can transition from indoor to outdoor with a sliding roof on wheels.  Here you could see your favorite artist, watch a new film, or attended a speaking event.

The Value Of Good Design
| MoMA Exhibit

This Spring the MoMA is featuring an exhibit that highlights and explains the functional design elements that go into everyday items such as furniture, electronics, sporting goods, and more. The purpose of this exhibit is to explore the potential of design all the way from the 1930s to today. The exhibition also raises questions about what Good Design is and invites visitors to try out a few “good design” classics still in production.

| Brooklyn Creative Hub

This repurposed warehouse in Greenpoint, Brooklyn has been transformed into a creative workspace, restaurant, and design store all-in-one. A/D/O memberships allow individuals and businesses to access events, art installations/exhibits, launch parties, and a coffee/lunch bar. At the center of the 23,000 sf experience the “Periscope“, a prism-shaped mirrored skylight window, becomes the focal point, allowing light flow throughout the space.

Chelsea Music Hall | Underground Concert Venue

In fall of 2018, Chelsea Market opened an underground music hall offering dinner theater, concerts, comedy and food. Unlike most music venues,  Chelsea Music Hall does focus on one specific genre of entertainment. The 250-occupant space will give performers and entertainment seekers of all kinds a unique venue to try new things. The music hall is also home to a highly anticipated menu brought to you by one of the Market’s upstairs vendors.