A Legend in Cincinnati says that the official first day of Spring has nothing to do with the Spring Equinox but rather everything to do with the Cincinnati Reds Opening Day game. This year marks a very special year for the beloved Reds Legs as the team and baseball community celebrates their 150th anniversary. And, what better way to honor the legacy of the organization than to reintroduce the Reds Hall of Fame!  After an extensive renovation, the Hall of Fame has reopened showcasing a bold refresh for fans of all ages can enjoy.

It’s been 15 years since the Reds Hall of Fame originally opened. This time around, the goal of the Museum was to create a transformative experience that elevates the team’s storyline and showcases Reds artifacts/memorabilia in a celebratory way. Rick Walls, the Reds Hall of Fame Executive Director says, “The museum is all about celebrating greatness, preserving the history and providing inspiration.”

As visitors enter the new Hall of Fame, they are immersed in a number of galleries that build and share a multitude of stories. The first space visitors get to experience is a rotational gallery that highlights curated Reds memorabilia and shares the groundbreaking strides made by the Cincinnati Tigers, the cities historic Negro league baseball team. Acting as a guided timeline, the next gallery introduces the exclusive 1869 Room, a space dedicated to the team’s founding history as the Cincinnati Red Stockings honoring the players and highlights of the Red’s 150-year journey.

Moving forward, customers walk through a Timeline room that showcases the teams most memorable moments and most valuable artifacts from all generations. Custom player mannequins and reproduction uniforms were brought front and center to allow fans to truly engage in the stories being told. Next up is The Archive, a space that marries an extensive analog baseball card display with a full digital catalog, bringing every Reds baseball card to the fan’s fingertips – an extra special interactive feature even allows fans to create their own personalized baseball card! After this, visitors can get hands-on at the Fox-Sports broadcasting booth. This experience places the visitor in control while celebrating the legendary voices of the Marty and Joe Broadcasting Hall of Fame that have played a key role in connecting Reds fans and the world, with the game.

After enjoying the Fox booth and scrolling through the baseball card collection, it’s time for the show-stopping, goosebump moments.  Inside the Hall of Fame room technology and design merge to tell the individual stories of Reds Hall of Famers in a 360-degree cinema and plaque room- an all-encompassing experience that inspires fans to hear the stories behind each baseball legend. Culminating the Museum experience is the Champions Room. This space celebrates the team’s 5 World Series Championships with amplified floor-to-ceiling media, curated memorabilia, and a flexible event bar.

We enjoyed partnering with the Reds to bring the new Hall of Fame to life and to give back the Cincinnati baseball community. We hope everyone has a chance to experience the new museum and to celebrate the Reds legends of today and the future. Here’s to 150 years and 150 more!