Award-winning architecture, design, and strategy firm NELSON Worldwide is excited to announce the addition of Anne Gibson to their workplace studio. Anne will strengthen the firm’s innovative storytelling capabilities as National Practice Leader. Based in Chicago, she will work collaboratively to shape the built environment to tell stories, communicate values, and make meaningful experiences for communities.

“The way that we live and work will continue to evolve post-pandemic. The connection to culture, mission, and purpose is paramount, and the office will be a powerful tool in providing those meaningful interactions,” remarks Anne Gibson. “I am excited to help shape the future of work and couldn’t be happier to continue my journey alongside the innovative minds at NELSON.”

With over 20 years of experience, Anne has developed a deeply rooted passion for the way humans interact and work cohesively together in dynamic environments. In her new role, she will lead designers, architects, strategists, and communicators to create compelling workplaces that enhance user experience through strategic processes. An industrial designer by education, Anne has maintained a human-centered design approach throughout her career. Now, during a pivotal moment in time when businesses and communities are rethinking assumptions about workplaces, Anne will bring brand experience, as well as healthcare, hospitality, and retail design together to support a return to work that is safe, meaningful, and accommodating.

“We are honored to welcome Anne as national practice leader,” notes Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at NELSON Worldwide, John “Ozzie” Nelson Jr. “Anne brings a fresh and optimistic perspective on the future of the workplace and we are looking forward to witnessing the direction she takes towards our company’s continued growth and success.”

Some of her most notable work experience was leading the interior design of the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab in Chicago. Using careful research-driven techniques, Anne shaped the design around how people actually work, learn, innovate and heal. The building embodies ‘translational medicine,’ which brings together disparate disciplines of medicine and research into an integrated approach to improving outcomes. As the first manifestation of this practice, Anne intends to bring forth this approach to the workplace to create spaces that support how different roles come together to work in an inspiring, cohesive, and productive manner.

Previously a Studio Director and a Health & Wellness and Workplace Design Director, Anne is a leader with deep expertise in the intersection of brand, experience and space in many markets at all scales across the globe. Her hybrid thinker-doer process drives unique solutions through curiosity, empathy, and experimentation while mentoring and growing those around her. She thrives in letting ideas flow and shepherding authentic solutions rooted in her client’s unique challenges and core values.