All your favorite, top-rated Amazon products in one store?? Yes, it’s now a thing in Amazon’s latest brick-and-mortar concept store. This week, FRCH NELSON’s Barb Beeghly explored the brand’s newest venture into physical retail, Amazon 4-Star and gave us the scoop!

Located at located at 72 Spring Street in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan, Amazon 4-Star lives and thrives in the heart of the NYC’s top retail neighborhood. Upon entering the store through two oversized doors, shoppers immediately feel like they just landed on the Amazon homepage. A variety of products such as phone chargers, quirky kitchen gifts, laptops, and Alexa integrated products are displayed on tables and shelves within the 4,000 square-foot space.

Staying true to its digital roots, casual signage throughout Amazon 4-star emphasizes the familiar feeling of its website. Items are grouped by “Most-Wished-For,” “Highly Rated,” “Frequently Bought Together,” or “Amazon Exclusives”. The most promising aspect of the store is all merchandise has been awarded AT LEAST four stars on the five-star scale by Amazon customers (hence the store’s name). In total, Amazon 4-star stocks around 2,000 items that have to been curated by Amazon to avoid the website’s sellers that falsely trick the review system. At the store, you can trust that you are getting the best products directly from top retailers.

Prices at Amazon 4-star match those on the Amazon commerce website. Digital price tags resembling miniature Kindles with e-ink display are connected to the internet and stay in sync with prices listed on the website. Just like online you can only get the discounted prices if you’re a Prime Member. If you are not already a Prime member, store employees are happy to sign you up for a 30-day free trial.

The idea of Amazon has always been centered around the idea that shoppers can trust they are getting the lowest prices while engaging in a painless decision-making process in the comfort of their home. By selling just one blender, one shower curtain, and one pizza cutter backed by the 4-Star guaranteed review, Amazon 4-Star has made decision making easier than ever while also giving customers the satisfaction of carrying their purchases out the door. Further into the painless process, after seeing, touching, and interacting with top products, Prime Members pay at kiosks by entering their Amazon login information. You will rarely see credit card, and definitely no cash in this store.

While the space is busy and the merchandising a little messy, it’s just another way Amazon is testing the physical retail space. We wouldn’t be surprised if this is a temporary concept that continues evolve and refine – as Amazon is no stranger to testing the waters and making a splash.